Emphasizing Personal Investment Effects Weight Loss and Hedonic Thoughts about Food after Obesity Surgery

Two factors to improve success after weight loss surgery are your thoughts about food and personal investment. Focusing on personal investment into the surgery and the effort that one is taking to lose weight may increase the drive to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

5 Tips:

  1. Remind yourself of the personal investment that you have made to this journey (i.e., financial, social, personal, physical)
  2. Decrease sweet snacks around you.
  3. Write down short-term goals to find enjoyment in small goals.
  4. Add a hobby to find pleasure other than food.
  5. Keep a journal on eating habits and times to know when you seek out snacks the most.

When individuals focused on the investment that they have made for the weight loss surgery, individuals reported increased liking of low-fat foods and decreased liking of high-fat foods.

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