A Health & Weight Loss App Designed by Physicians

A weight loss & fitness app designed by medical experts and built with you in mind.


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We know weight loss is about more than the number on the scale.

We give you the tools to successfully develop healthy habits in an easy to understand app.

The Healclub weight loss & fitness app is now live!

Our program focuses on more than just the numbers on the scale, we focus on all of you – mind, body, and soul. Designed and led by medical experts, this app is  here to support and guide you along your weight loss journey!

tasty meal plans
Tasty meal plans & personalized nutritional advice
Customized exercise routines
Customized exercise routines with ‘how to’ videos

We are here to support

Once you have your personalized plan, Healclub’s medically designed weight loss & fitness app  creates an ideal plan.  We will guide you on fitness for your level, as well as food and supplements that are best suited to you and your weight loss goals.

We are here to support
Guidance by experts

Guidance by experts

Brought to you by a team of medically trained and experienced practitioners. From weight loss surgeons to trained psychologists, personal trainers, and dietitians, we offer reliable and expert content.

Daily Motivation

We know not everyone is motivated the same way, we match you with your coaches and programs through a motivational quiz to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Custom Everything

Resources at your fingertips!

Browse our expert tips for a healthier lifestyle

Track your health journey

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