6 quick tips: Avoiding diet and wellness pitfalls at social gatherings

Avoiding diet and wellness pitfalls at social gatherings

It is not easy to resist temptations of food and drink at social gatherings.

There is typically an abundance of unhealthy choices to eat and drink at social gatherings. Over indulgence, when friends, family, workplaces and communities gather together in celebration is not uncommon. With this in mind, food and drink does not need to be the major focal point at a social gathering, but merely an additional benefit to great conversation and friendship. Below are quick tips on resisting urges and avoiding diet an wellness pitfalls during social gatherings. 

Tip 1 – Plan Ahead:

Plan ahead by asking the host what types of food and drinks will be at the social gathering. Any additional details will help set expectations for the event. You should eating a healthy and filling meal prior to attending a social gathering. Doing so may assist in avoiding over consumption of unhealthy options.

Tip 2 – Follow your normal routine: 

Do not skip meals or eat less to “make” room for the party. If you don’t want to eat a full meal before going to the party, at least make sure you have a snack, preferably a healthy one, so you aren’t going hungry or on an empty stomach. 

Tip 3 – Survey the scene:

Investigate all the foods that are offered at the event and then go back and choose only the best choices for you. Remember the sequence: protein, vegetables, then drinks.

Tip 4 – Grab the small plate:

You cannot fit a lot of food on a small plate. A small plate equates to smaller portions. In order to avoiding continual snacking, when you have finished eating, throw your plate in the trash.

Tip 5 – Carry a drink: 

Carry a drink in your hands and sip water throughout the event. If your hands are occupied, you are less likely to pick up any unwanted food, will prevent someone from handing you food and continual sips will also assist in satiation. 

Tip 6 – Avoid the food table:

Do not sit or stand near the food table. Positioning as far away from the food table as possible will prevent over consuming food and drinks.

For these tips and more, please watch this short video to learn more about avoiding pitfalls at social gatherings. If you’re looking to begin your health and wellness journey, and are focused on avoiding diet and wellness pitfalls, check out the healclub health and wellness starter bundle located in our online shop!

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