Start Loving Yourself Now with These 3 Life Changes

Losing weight is not a magic bullet to suddenly having a positive self-image. In fact, even though you may have lost a significant amount of weight or are somewhere along the journey to losing weight and getting healthier, you still may need help loving yourself. Self-care and self-love are imperative to maintaining weight loss and living a happier life. Here are three ways you can improve your self-love.

Have a Positive Inner Dialogue

Our inner voice can be demanding and critical. We tend to speak to ourselves using harsh and negative words we would never think of directing towards others. Instead of letting this voice take over, speak to yourself the way you would speak to a loved one. Be gentle and kind, especially with experiencing pain, anxiety or fear. Encourage yourself and celebrate your successes.

Care for Yourself

Prioritizing yourself can be difficult, especially if you have a spouse, children and a career. You can take care of your family, your home and your job while also valuing yourself enough to make self-care a regular part of your daily routine. Make sure you give yourself enough sleep to feel restored. Go to a yoga class. Fill the refrigerator with nourishing whole foods. Stay hydrated. Make sure you schedule time for fun, relaxation or adventure. You are worth it.

Be Grateful

Having gratitude for yourself and your body goes a long way to loving yourself. Don’t focus on what you think is “wrong” with you. Instead, focus on all of the wonderful things you have to offer. Shifting your focus to your positive attributes uncovers more of them. It is also important to realize that your body is pretty amazing, so remember all of the fantastic things it can do instead of identifying your self-worth in your appearance.

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