Safety Tips for Going to the Gym During COVID-19

At-home workouts are good for some, but others are much more productive at the gym. It’s motivating. It’s social. It’s an escape from home or work. COVID-19, however, has provided some complications to the simple routine of going to the gym. Although the pandemic should be taken seriously in order to protect ourselves and others, you can still go to the gym if you take precautions.

Wear Your Mask

During COVID-19, masks have become a part of our everyday lives. It is no different in the gym. Exercising in a mask may not be the most comfortable, but it so you can get a sweat sesh in safely. Find a mask that is comfortable and breathable. Many athletic companies have started marketing masks specifically for sports and exercise. Look for one that is best for you and make it part of your gym routine.

Remember Social Distance

Most gyms have made modifications that allow for a safe, socially distanced workout. Still, be mindful of your surroundings. Keep extra space around you when lifting weights. Make sure there is a treadmill or elliptical between you and the next person. Always keep in mind – 6 feet apart from each other.

Use Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Wipes Often

Many gyms had cleaning materials available before COVID-19. Since they have been allowed to reopen, many have made disinfectant sprays, paper towels and hand sanitizer much more available. Fitness centers are encouraging gym goers more so than ever to sanitize each piece of equipment as soon as you are done. Although this is great, don’t depend on them. It is always a great idea to bring your own materials. Put a travel-size bottle of sanitizer and wipes in your gym bag. Making these items part of your gym gear will go a long way to ensure safety.

Go When It Isn’t That Busy

If you patronized a gym before the pandemic, you know it’s busier times. If possible, try to alter your trip to less-crowded times. When in doubt, call your gym to get advice on when to reschedule, or call before you go to check on the number of people in the gym at that time. This will help you avoid crowds and get your workout in safely and quickly.

When in Doubt

Don’t let fear of COVID-19 be your excuse to stop moving. If you are still not comfortable going to the gym, then try a home workout. Starting your own home workout routine? Check out our Home Workout Routine for Beginners.

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