Impact of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders on Weight-Related Behaviors Among Patients with Obesity

Based on the impact of COVID-19, individuals reported increased anxiety, depression, and difficulty in achieving weight loss goals. Individuals reported a decrease in time spent exercising and decreased difficulty in exercises while stock-pilling food and stress eating increased.

5 Tips:

  1. When you are having to workout at home, try to find things that are available to you around your house (i.e., cans as weights).
  2. Keep track of the food that you are eating and when you eat.
  3. When you feel hungry assess if it is actually hunger or emotions leading you to eat.
  4. If you do stress eat, try to switch out junk food for healthier options.
  5. Identify an activity that you can do instead of stress eating.

Individuals reported a decrease in positive health behaviors, while experiencing increases in harmful behaviors which was associated with declines in mental health.

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