Depression, Anxiety, and Binge Eating Before and After Bariatric Surgery: Problems That Remain

After receiving weight loss surgery, participants showed significant improvement in anxiety, depression, and binge eating in the following twenty-three months; however, anxiety, depression, and binge eating were found to worsen after twenty-three months post weight loss surgery.

5 Tips:

  1. After surgery, continue utilizing resources to increase the benefits that you had directly after surgery.
  2. Consult mental health resources based on the difficulties that you might be experiencing.
  3. Continue to follow nutritional and physical recommendations.
  4. Continue to be active.
  5. Remember that you are continuing a journey each and every day. 

It is important to consider the need for continued treatment, since obesity is a chronic disease, it requires multidisciplinary and long-term treatment, even for surgical cases.

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