Binge Eating, Body Image, Depression, and Self-Efficacy in an Obese Clinical Population

Poor body image and binge eating were found to be related. When individuals endorsed shame and concern with their appearance, they were found to have a strong relationship with binge eating.

4 Tips:

  1. When you experience negative thoughts about yourself, pick out positive aspects of yourself. 2. When you are going out in public, determine aspects of yourself to focus on that will increase your confidence.
  2. Each day try to identify three aspects of yourself that you are grateful that you have.
  3. When in public, be mindful of what makes you have those negative perceptions. Identifying those situations can provide you with the knowledge to prepare yourself with positive thoughts the next time you encounter that situation.
  4. Try to incorporate activities in your day that make you appreciate who you are.

Individuals with binge eating were found to have poorer perceptions of their body image. These perceptions were based on feelings of shame and the individuals had heightened negative perceptions of themselves when in public.

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