Attribution of Weight Regain to Emotional Reasons Amongst European Adults with Overweight and Obesity Who Regained Weight Following a Weight Loss Attempt

Greater weight gain was found to be associated with difficulties with regulating one’s emotions. Half of the participants involved in this study indicated that their regaining of weight was in response to emotional reasoning (i.e., using food for comfort, stressed, feeling lower or more down, and using food for punishment).

5 Tips:

  1. Keep a journal to track your eating behavior.
  2. What do you eat when you are stressed, angry, sad, or frustrated?
  3. Determine what emotions/feelings lead to increase eating behavior.
  4. Determine other activities that you could participate in rather than eating. (i.e., going on a walk or watching a movie)
  5. Remove snacks that you would binge on if your emotions were up.

Despite using behavioral strategies for weight loss, individuals still gained weight and reported difficulties with emotion regulation.

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