Through Thick and Thin: Identifying Barriers to Bariatric Surgery, Weight Loss Maintenance, and Tailoring Obesity Treatment for the Future

The effectiveness of bariatric surgery has shown in its results with decreased mortality and increased weight loss for individuals. Despite surgery or other interventions, long term weight loss can be hard to maintain, which brings about the importance of a long-term multidisciplinary strategy for treatment.

5 Tips:

  1. Discuss with your primary care doctor about forming a multidisciplinary team.
  2. Speak with other specialists about your choices and long-term care.
  3. Identify which interventions or surgery you are considering and discuss what pre- and post-operative care would be recommended by the specialists.
  4. Discuss with your specialists what your goals are for interventions or surgery and the best plan for you.
  5. Find support groups that can be a support system for you during your journey.

When considering different interventions or surgery, a multidisciplinary approach will provide individuals with a holistic approach for longitudinal gains (i.e., psychologists, dietitians, and surgeons).

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