Pre-Surgical Stress and Social Support Predict Post-Surgical Percent Excess Weight Loss in a Population of Bariatric Surgery Patients

Results indicated that before weight loss surgery, more stress paired with less social support for individuals eating healthy predicted lower excess weight loss three-months post-weight loss surgery. Before weight loss surgery, emotion regulation and sleep quality/quantity were not found to be predictive of excess weight loss three-months post-surgery.

5 Tips:

  1. Identify increases in stress levels.
  2. Identify and utilize beneficial coping strategies to help decrease stress.
  3. Find individuals that will support you through your weight loss journey.
  4. Identify the ways that you want to be supported through this weight loss journey and describe those ways to your support system.
  5. Identify ways that you can support yourself through this journey.

Stress levels and social support should be assessed prior to weight loss surgery and decreased and increased, respectively to help with post weight loss surgery benefits.

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