How to Have a Positive Body Image

There is not a single, quick way to turn a negative attitude toward your body into a positive body image. It does help, though, to find positive things about your body and to focus on those. You absolutely do not have to look like anyone else or have a particular body shape to have a positive body image. People of all shapes, weights and sizes can be happy about themselves. Here are some ways to get and maintain a positive body image.

  • Appreciate your body for what it does. You can walk, dance, breathe, dream, laugh and so much more. Celebrate those things!
  • Even with a negative body image, surely there are things you like about yourself that ARE NOT related to what you look like or how much you weigh. It could be creativity or the ability to sing, for example. Make a list, read it often, and add to it as you discover more things you like about yourself.
  • View yourself as a whole person, which is how others see you. Don’t focus on a specific body part or on your size when you look in the mirror.
  • People’s attitudes rub off on you. Surround yourself with positive, affirmative people who know the importance of liking yourself as you are.
  • Stop negative thoughts. Replace thoughts that your body isn’t right or that you are a bad person with positive thoughts. As soon as you realize you are breaking yourself down, lift yourself up with some quick affirmations.
  • If you are a size 18 or 20, wear a size 18 or 20. Do not try to wear the clothes you want to be in. Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good.
  • Treat yourself. Do something nice that lets your body know you appreciate it. Spend a little extra time to style your hair. Take a long, hot shower and just enjoy the steam. Enjoy a massage or trip to the spa.
  • Relax. Take a nap, enjoy a bubble bath or find a quiet place to just sit and be.
  • Volunteer or do something to help others. It does wonders for your attitude and self-esteem to see someone else lifted up because of your deeds or attitude.

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