Depression and Disordered Eating in the Obese Person

Literature shows majority of favorable outcomes for individuals with depressive symptoms or eating disorders (i.e., binge eating or night eating) who have had weight loss surgery in regard to losing weight and improvements in mood and quality of life. Although improvements have been found in the literature, some individuals show worsening mood and increased suicidal ideation.

4 Tips:

  1. Find a workout/weight loss partner that can go on this journey with you.
  2. Keep a record of your overall mood and quality of life.
  3. If you find that you are having difficulty regulating your mood, discuss this with your doctor. 4. Do not punish yourself if you have a cheat day.
  4. Reward yourself for small successes.

Studies have found that majority of individuals with depressive symptoms can lose significant amounts of weight, adhere to lifestyle changes, and have improvements in their mood.

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