Achieving Positive Results After Bariatric Surgery

Achieving positive results after bariatric surgery will require motivation to continue exercising. Taking things slowly and doing the exercises that you enjoy will help one maintain an effective exercise program.

5 Tips:

  1. You will be the driving force for your success, but also have others around you to encourage you each day.
  2. Try to be physically active for some part of the day.
  3. Remember rest and hydration are important for your body.
  4. Communicate your challenges to others (i.e., your support system, a support group, or psychological professional)
  5. Find different exercises that you enjoy and switch up your exercise routine. Ex. Swim one day, walk the next, dance the next day.


Getting motivated to exercise after bariatric surgery requires that you stay connected with your doctor, listen to other peoples’ success stories, set targets and continually evaluate yourself.

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Exercise Motivation after Bariatric Surgery

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