5 Ways to Burn Calories Without Exercising

Exercise is a great way to lose weight. That goes without question. However, there are other things you can do to burn calories without exercising that also helps weight loss. This does not mean that you can stop exercising, yet you can do other things that will enhance your weight loss. By making a little change in lifestyle, behavior and habits, you can burn calories without exercising. These changes can boost your metabolism and increase the rate your body burns calories. Here are five simple ways to burn calories without exercising.

Eat Calorie-Burning Food

The food you eat can actually burn calories because of the thermic effect of food. Proteins are hard for your body to digest. In fact, 30% of the calories in protein, like a steak or chicken breast, can be burned to digest it. Foods such as hot peppers, green tea, grapefruit, fish and unprocessed oatmeal can also boost your metabolism. Foods high in soluble fiber can help lose fat. They can also reduce appetite, increase satiety and cause automatic weight loss. The healthiest approach to getting fiber is from whole plant foods.

Eat Breakfast

This is an easy way to burn calories without exercising. When we sleep, our body’s processes slow down, causing metabolism to slow down. Breakfast boosts the metabolic process, revving up your metabolism for the day ahead.

Do Things by Hand

Cook dinner, vacuum, wash your dishes, clean up or wash your car. When you’re doing these things by hand, really stretch your body. While it can be a luxury to have these things done for you, they can burn a considerable amount of energy when you do them for yourself.

Stay Hydrated with Lots of Water and Green Juices

Drinking a lot of water helps increase your metabolism. This is also one of the reported advantages of green juice. Water and green juices can eliminate spontaneous snacking and curb your appetite. If you opt for green juices, they should be prepared fresh for the healthiest option.


According to a study at the Mayo Clinic, you can burn up to 350 extra calories than someone who stays stationary. While you may not be hardwired to fidget, you can imitate it by pacing, moving restlessly in your seat or tapping your feet.

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