Positive Impacts of Stress-Management Programs

Participants that were involved in a stress management program, which involved recording a set of daily behaviors and habits relating to the adoption of healthy dietary choices, avoidance of incorrect eating habits, daily routine, organized physical activity, social support and mental control, were found to have a significant reduction in body mass index.

5 Tips:

  1. Monitor habits that increase a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Upon monitoring behavior, identify environments of your life that decrease and increase your healthy lifestyle.
  3. Upon identifying environments that promote and reduce the healthy lifestyle, adjust environments that reduce your healthy lifestyle accordingly.
  4. Try breathing exercises that lower your anxiety and stress.
  5. Try progressive muscle relaxation to connect with your body and how it is functioning.

Being involved in a stress management program that required the participant to participate in breathing, relaxation, visualization, and information on healthy nutrition/dietary habits.

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