How Meal Prepping Can Keep You on Track

We’ve all been there. The morning is crazy. Everyone is running late. You make lunch for your kids and get them out the door to school. You’ve got just enough time for a quick shower before getting dressed and heading out the door to get to work on time. You do a hurried check for keys, wallet, phone and laptop. You’ve got everything, but there was no time to prepare anything for your lunch. Shrugging, you get in the car thinking that you will simply grab a quick bite to eat during lunch. Your meetings run late, and now all that you have time to grab is fast food through a drive through before getting back to work. Sound familiar?

In this scenario, you have no control over the calories in your food. Portion control tends to fall by the wayside when the person on the other end of the drive through asks if you would like to make that a large combo. Everything about it sends your nutrition goals out the window. One great way to prevent this and to take back control is to meal prep.

Meal prepping helps you stay organized, control your portion sizes, regulate the calories in your food and make better nutrition choices during the day. By preparing your own food, you know exactly what ingredients you used and how to calculate the meal’s calories. You also know how many portions your recipe yielded and can portion it out correctly. Meal prepping will help you prepare for each time you eat – breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. Knowing you have delicious, healthy food at your fingertips lessens the temptation to eat out at lunch, reach for that cupcake in the office or pick up takeout after work.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking about meal prepping, the best place to start is with a healthy meal plan. We’ve got some great tips here. Once you have your meal plan, then set aside one day out of the week to make your meals, separate them out and refrigerate or freeze as needed. Taking charge of your weekly eating this way will go a long way to helping you stay on track with your weight loss journey.

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