Depressive and anxiety disorders: Associated with losing or gaining weight over 2 years?

Participants that had diagnoses of anxiety and depression, and major depressive disorder were found to gain a significant amount of weight after 2 years compared to their start weight. Based on the results of this study the anxiety disorders were not found to be associated with significant weight loss.

5 Tips:

  1. If you have anxiety and depression, determine how these diagnoses impact your weight loss journey.
  2. Keep track of when your anxiety/depression is trigged and what your responses are to those triggers.
  3. Then track what actions are taken that can deter you from your weight loss goals.
  4. Find opposite actions that are healthier for you to partake in to keep your health goals in the forefront.
  5. If you believe that your anxiety and depression is severe, please seek professional psychological services.

Chances for individuals with anxiety and depression to have significant weight gain was increased by 70%. 

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