Are You Killing Your Metabolism? If So, Can it Be Fixed?

What Is Metabolism?

Anyone focused on eating well and exercising is familiar with the word “metabolism,” but what is it? Metabolism is the way our body converts what we drink and what we eat into energy. This energy is necessary for our body to function. There are many things that affect your metabolism, and though some cannot be controlled – like age, gender and heredity – other habits can slow down or boost your metabolism. A slow metabolism can cause calories to build up. These calories get turned into fat and cause weight gain. Developing healthy habits can help keep your metabolism from slowing down and may even help boost it.

Skipping Breakfast

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is true, especially for your metabolism, because your metabolism slows down while you sleep. Breakfast breaks that metabolic fast and gives your body an energy boost. The best breakfast foods are high in fiber and protein and low in added sugars. Skip the muffin or donut and opt for a delicious omelet or a protein-and-fiber-packed breakfast bowl.

You Don’t Eat Enough

It may seem counterintuitive, but you actually need calories in order to boost your metabolism and lose weight. If you deprive yourself of the calories your body needs to function, it will slow down your metabolism and start breaking down calorie-burning muscle. If you do not have enough calories to get the energy to power your body, your metabolism will stop. Eat little, nutritious meals throughout the day to keep your energy levels steady. This will boost your metabolism. 

You Haven’t Changed Up Your Fitness Regimen

An exercise plan is essential to keeping your metabolism steady. If you do the same exercises each day, your body adjusts to the workload. This can lead to a weight loss plateau. Having a workout plan that includes cardio, strength and muscle work will help you burn more calories and keep your metabolism working as it should. Here are some great workout routines for weight loss that can help keep your metabolism engaged.   

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