Have a Sweet Tooth? Here are 5 Tips to Calm Your Cravings

Sugar is truly an addiction. Unfortunately, it is found in many foods such as cereals, sauces and desserts. It’s in breads, syrups, coffee drinks and sodas. Ingesting all of this sugar just makes us want more because it stimulates the reward center of our brain, much the way that drugs do. As we consume more sugar, we crave more of it and become desensitized to how sweet our food already is which makes us add even more sugar. This creates a vicious cycle and fuels your sweet tooth. While breaking this cycle can be difficult, it can be done.

Make a Plan

Well-thought-out plans are a great way to ensure success. Just telling yourself that you are going to cut sugar leaves the door open to making excuses as to why it is okay to have that dessert. Tell yourself that you’re only going to have dessert twice a week. Have fruit for dessert instead of cake or cookies. Whatever you decide, write out your plan and stick to it. Here are some of the best fruits for weight loss.

Trick Your Sweet Tooth

Like any addiction, cutting sugar is hard. One way to be successful is by tricking your sweet tooth by using flavors that your tastebuds associate with sweetness. Use vanilla and cinnamon instead of honey. Substitute dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Even savory items like sweet potatoes or brown rice can give you that taste of sweetness that you’re craving.

Eat a Savory Breakfast

Many of us like to start our day with something sweet – a donut, a danish or sweet coffee. By indulging in this sweetness, you are setting your body up for craving more sugar throughout the day. Also, your blood glucose increases, then rapidly drops, causing you to get “hangry.” Start your day with a savory breakfast, such as eggs and bacon, to start out on the right foot.

Enhance the Natural Sweetness of Food

Many of our foods are naturally sweet. Caramelizing or roasting them can bring out even more of their natural sweetness. Roast root vegetables with lemon zest and coconut oil. Grill fruits like pineapple. Add caramelized onions to any meat to make it sweet.

Quality Over Quantity

Cravings will subside when you opt for quality foods. Instead of sugar-packed processed foods, choose high-quality whole foods with pronounceable ingredients, such as berries with low carb greek yogurt. By doing so, you are not depriving yourself of the sweet treats you enjoy. Instead, you are training your tastebuds to enjoy the natural sweetness of unprocessed, real food.

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