How to Maintain Your Weight Loss During the Holiday Season

Holiday weight gain is a common concern for many people, especially those trying to lose weight. It’s a valid concern, too, because people tend to eat more sweets and desserts, drink more alcohol and exercise less during the holiday season. If you are diligent and make good decisions, you will maintain your weight loss during the holiday season. In addition to sticking with a healthy diet, here are some ways to keep the weight off:

Stay active: Instead of sitting around for hours at a time binging on holiday movies, get active. Take a walk with family or friends each evening. Instead of playing on your phone for your work break, listen to your favorite tunes while you walk around the block.

Snack wisely: Oh, the delicious Christmas cookies, peppermint bark, and homemade candy! Having a small amount now and then won’t hurt, but opt for healthier snacks such as greek yogurt, fruits, vegetables, or nuts, whenever possible.

Relax: It’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed during the holidays, but that can lead to weight gain. Stressed people commonly have higher cortisol levels; high cortisol levels have been linked to greater food intake and junk food cravings; eating more leads to weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle, so try to stay as stress-free as possible.

Use a smaller plate: With all the dinner parties and potlucks, it’s easy to overeat. If smaller plates are available, use them instead. It’s simple – it takes less food to fill a smaller plate, reducing your chances of overeating.

Use the buddy system: In general, you are more likely to lose weight and maintain weight loss if someone is doing it with you. If you have a friend, spouse, or co-worker for support and accountability, you are more likely to maintain weight loss during the holidays.

Stay motivated: No matter why you started your weight loss journey, you’ve seen the benefits. Your clothes fit better. You feel better overall. It’s easier to move and be active. Keeping those benefits at the front of your mind helps you make better decisions.


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